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Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy X-2 marked a new era in Final Fantasy history, for years fans have been left yearning for a sequel to their favourite Final Fantasy game, whether it be Final Fantasy VII or in this case Final Fantasy X. In my opinion, out of all the games worthy of a sequel, Final Fantasy X’s definitely top of the list – however unlike Final Fantasy X I just couldn’t get into this game and I found it quite the disappointment. Although that’s not to say that Final Fantasy X-2 is or was a bad game, as it has the makings of a great RPG.

Considering that Final Fantasy X wasn’t made with the intention of having a sequel, I think Square Enix did a pretty good job of continuing the story; and let’s face it – after playing Final Fantasy X you’ll know this is a story that needed to be continued! Final Fantasy X-2 takes place two years after the events of Final Fantasy X, and rather than playing as the previous games protagonist, Tidus you instead play as Yuna; alongside her fellow Gullwings Rikku and Paine.

At the forefront of Final Fantasy X-2’s story you have High Summoner Yuna, who’s enjoying her new found freedom along with the rest of Spira after Sin’s oppressive reign. Yuna, along with Rikku and Paine has joined the Gullwings, a group of Al Bhed Sphere Hunters – this marks the beginning of Final Fantasy X-2’s story, as Rikku has found a mysterious sphere containing a video of someone who resembles Final Fantasy X’s hero and Yuna’s lover, Tidus. Of course, the story of Final Fantasy X-2 isn’t just a long lost lover drama; the game does eventually reveal a much darker, sinister plot. Something that really shines through in Final Fantasy X-2 is the fact that it always manages to keep the storyline light hearted, and in the same sense, always manages to keep the game fun until the very end.

Final Fantasy X-2Just like Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 doesn’t use a World Map system, and instead gives you a choice of locations to visit. However, the difference is that rather than specifically visiting these locations to progress in the story, you visit locations to do Missions. There are a total of 14 storyline related missions spread across 5 chapters, so this explains Square Enix’s choice to have a list based system rather than a World Map. As well as the 14 storyline missions, there’s plenty of unrelated missions to do, and this all contributes to Final Fantasy X-2’s percentage based endings – something that I wasn’t really a fan of.

Rather than one fixed ending, Final Fantasy X-2 has a series of endings that are shown depending on your percentage complete and in many cases if you missed even one conversation with someone you’d miss out on that perfect 100% ending. This could be really frustrating at times, as without a walkthrough it could prove extremely difficult to achieve that perfect ending.

Final Fantasy X-2Traditionally in Final Fantasy games you’d have a character for each class, for example in Final Fantasy IX you have Vivi as the Black Mage and Yuna as the Summoner in Final Fantasy X – however Final Fantasy X-2 mixes things up a bit with a system called Dresspheres, something that I thought really shone through in Final Fantasy X-2. The Dressphere system worked by allowing Yuna, Rikku and Paine to change their “Dressphere” whilst in the middle of a battle – this ended up been extremely useful as you could begin a battle with all three characters as Warriors to inflict some serious damage, but once things begin to get a little tricky you can change one of your characters into a White Mage to ensure your survival. The more a specific character uses a Dressphere, the higher level that Dressphere becomes in correspondence to the character that it’s equipped to – alongside the Garment Grid this really added an element of strategy to Final Fantasy X-2.

It’s obvious enough to say that Final Fantasy X-2 improves on the graphics of Final Fantasy X, it’s not a huge improvement but it’s enough to notice; and just like I said when I was reviewing Final Fantasy X – Final Fantasy X-2 looks absolutely stunning to say it’s almost five years old! Final Fantasy X-2 goes beyond the limitations of the PlayStation 2’s hardware, and because of this sometimes the game suffers from frame rate slowdowns, however to knock the game for this would be pretty pathetic, as to say the least, it’s a rare occurrence.

Final Fantasy X-2’s a game that you’ll either love of hate, and for me I’m not really a fan; but that’s not to say it’s a bad game and as you can probably see from reading this review Final Fantasy X-2 has a lot going for it and is the makings of a great RPG. It’s needless to say, Final Fantasy X-2 is a must have if you’ve played Final Fantasy X – and if you haven’t I’d go as far as to suggest playing Final Fantasy X then picking up a copy of this game!

Rating: 7.5/10